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Hello & Welcome


Righty ho, m’visiting lovelies…

…This is where it’s at – places of interest or profit, interesting people, news from the real [boring] world, inspiration, rumours and streetgossip, [fictional] job adverts, slang, snippets, new gear – and more.

In short, all sorts of material that will be of interest to anyone wanting to improve they Cyberpunk, Near Future, Transhuman, Steampunk or Science Fiction setting, anyone looking for ideas, anyone who wants to share tips and tricks, anyone who wants to share ideas…

…Whether it’s for Aeon/Trinity, Blood Shadows, Call of Cthulhu, Castle Falkenstein, Chill, Corporation, Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk 2030, Dark Conspiracy, Eclipse Phase, Equinox, FUZION, GURPS, HERO, Rifts, Savage Worlds, Shadowrun 4, Shatterzone, SLA Industries, Space 1889, TORG, Traveller, Warhammer 40,000/Dark Heresy – or similar RPGs.

I plan to grab what’s there into a PDF on a semi-regular basis and then let you mad’n’bad people download them for your delectation and enjoyment – tales, ideas, pictures, gear, scenarios, locations, people, snippets of streetgossip…
…Whatever you fine and productive people make available.

All the material on the website and in the forums belongs to the relevant author, and is available under  a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England and Wales License [can be shared, must be attributed, non-commercial use, share alike].

There are no adverts, banners or pop-ups here, so if you like what you see, want to encourage an exchange of ideas or find any of the material here useful, please tell all your friends – so we can have as many friendlies as possible gaining knowledge and experiences and ideas.

The forums are closed for the time being, because of spam, but there’s no restriction on what you can read and benefit from – so enjoy and come back soon !!


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